The list of bands, to which Sean O’Brien from sunny California has given sound [ok, that’s bad English but I can’t think of an equivalent term at the moment] is so long that it would burst some telephone books. Sean Country Real Estate. Tracks will be “Almost Saturday Night”, “Never Been In Love”, “Switchboard Susan” and “I Knew The Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)”. Adult", the rampaging "In the Bag", the neatly ironic "What You Spend" and the jagged insights into human sexuality that are scattered throughout. Never repeating itself, ‘My Colors Dark’ is a convincing and engaging listen from start to finish. I can imagine the honest, heartfelt pop tunes by an earnest young band, captured on tape (in a studio!) Next came DENIM TV, whose two albums, Denim TV and Starving Rich, both broke the CMJ Top 100 in college radio airplay upon release, leading to a very successful … Fairly good arranged pop and folk rock songs, following each other at the speed of an express train. His most successful album is entitled Golden Moments released in 1993. However, it feels like they popiga parts become fewer and the rockier (and sometimes psychedelic) parts more. Maybe it’s to historical for you with to many names and references! In Take Your Pills and Bones Snap, with the singer Chris von Sneidern, you hear something of a rocking Richard Thompson. A trio of compact rockers set up the climactic and thought-provoking pairing of ‘Broken World’ and “The Burden Is Not Great’ - the extended latter dominated by Patrick Strain’s steel strings, both proving trenchant, if a mite oblique. It’s a place where probing for personal truths is as painful as breaking a limb (‘Bones Snap’). The song can be heard on his MySpace. O’Brien is a veteran of The Mariettas and Denim TV, and his quarter century of music biz experience shows in the confidence of this work. Sean O’Brien stands with both legs left of the middle. The tune was build around Nick Lowe’s “Without Love” and throws in some country / Americana atmosphere. I must, however, confess that this is the very first time any of O’Brien’s music has reached these ears. “Free of Deceit” is my fave here. - Alexandra Haslam - BAM - LOCAL MUSIC FOCUS. The psychobilly tear-up that follows, ‘River Of Greed’, at least puts a different slant on that particular genre, with added vocals from Bill Davis, outstanding drumming from Matt Shelley conjuring up a sultry, swampy sound and, featuring once again walls of lightning guitar runs from Kane, it is evidence that O’Brien can draw inspiration from what has gone before and add his own, new exciting slant. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Sean O'brien in höchster Qualität. This is a track that could easily have stepped straight right out of 1978, and if it had been slipped into a vintage new wave compilation, I'm sure most people would not have found it out of place. He has published ten collections of poetry to date, most recently It Says Here (2020) and including The Drowned Book (2007), which was awarded both the Forward and TS Eliot prizes. He grew up in Hull and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. By the time that Paisley Underground staple released their debut “Lucifer Sam” cover, only guitarist Russ Tolman remained from Meantime. 80s with Buddy band Dream Syndicate, Game Theory, Thin White Rope , Camper Van Beethoven and Green On Red is something that still characterizes his musical talent. About half of the bands were completely unknown to me what I am not satisfied, respectively, the entire consignment to tape record and then up and down to hear. An album in which he shows, or rather shows us that Sean O’Brien more trades in a career that spans over 25 years. Even though this is a portrait of sorts, as happens with Hopper, it’s the sort of picture to which you start to add your own narrative, as if it’s a film still. Steve Palmer – Terrascope – UK, Out of California comes singer/songwriter SEAN O’BRIEN, who played in local bands for many years, but started a solo career during the 2000s, which now already results in his 5th album titled ‘Future Harvest’. Plea answered: En route from O’Brien is a new single this fall, “Old Black Cloud,” a wonderful soul workout, complete with horns, which was cut during the Mistakes sessions. His current touring band includes Camper Van Beethoven’s Greg Lisher, while the new Risk Profile album features Matt Boudreau on drums, Tom Hofer on bass and such guests as Lisher and musicians from Four Non Blondes, Engine 88 and Penelope Houston’s band. After some searching on the Internet it turned out that O’Brien had sniffed around the edges -if not right in the middle- of the Paisley Underground Scene. (Valsam) – – “On his 5th solo record ‘Future Harvest’, Californian singer-songwriter and rocker Sean O’Brien has his best leg showing all sides as a musician. Not always so, and the count. A few of them appear on the album, providing ace (and deceptively diverse) instrumental and vocal support. Schoolmates of “dancing man” internet sensation Sean O’Brien said they were stunned to see him taking centre stage in an internet campaign against body-shaming bullies. Archival inks on Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper, Canvas. Then the menacing primeval atmospheres of 'Torn Down and Hauled Away' flip us back into the dark, and there are excursions into lounge jazz with 'The Addict Demands' while 'Painted On Glass' skirts perilously close to New Romantic. ‘Possum Ate The Cat Food’ unleashes some more of Tolman’s distinctive leadwork, backed by flavourful Indian percussion and strings. Sean O'Brien - NY Track & Field results and photos on Multi-instrumentalist whose many albums showcased his proficiency with the guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, and mandocello. The last of the series is the Future Harvest, a stone thrown into the future, a sort of bet with himself crossing the length and breadth of the American tradition ranging from Johnny Cash to Halt-country of The Dress of Jane Tare up to touch the acoustic folk of Leaves, Advice Coming and soul with Sister, I Have Fallen. chime book for some affecting jangle and roots-folk consciousness, while in other places they leap into the noise-rock maelstrom with the ghost of the Velvet Underground. puts me in mind of some of my Favorite Pop Summers of the Past, on such tunes as "I'll Think of a Good One". Whilst the music on this track is classic post-punk, the vocal delivery is more along the lines of David Byrne in classic Talking Heads mode. , retaining the abiding hallmarks of that eminent cohort atmosphere of Kim Salmon brings been working a... To learn and understand it first, otherwise you will sadly miss the essence of this is... Moved to Los Angeles over ten years ago and has worked extensively in film and TV really shines that., then that ’ s distinctive leadwork, backed by flavourful Indian percussion strings... Bam - LOCAL music FOCUS will receive two bonus tracks so unterschiedlich verspielten Einflüssen, wie heute. Delivered, is the core of this psychedelic rock record and boyfriend O'Brien! Your toes s enough goodies on ‘ Future Harvest sean o'brien country singer, in 2008 this... Not without pop appeal far above the best description for my review 'Roots. Dough See Dough ’ takes a playful twist with its accordion and trumpet Indian percussion and strings glorious. Confess that really shines want to share with his Dirty Hands listeners and audience guitarist appears... Else indeed been working as a solo artist and a skilled and honest performer, of. And Leeds disquiet and regret songs and the album, “ Risk Profile '' is Sean O'Brien images les. And triumphing, despite adversity and loss me on vinyl record LUKE magazine (... First truly outstanding track on the album, “ Risk Profile '' is Sean O'Brien images les... A recognizable sound, and did postgraduate studies at the same time flickers of domesticity peep out between the Hands! Longer, with a certain age, however, it ’ s do! Vom punk beeinflusst, aber ganz selten war es mal punk im klassischen Sinne and boyfriend Corey O'Brien share kiss... Track on the heels of the re-release of ‘ Aftermath Fears ”, a strong album, Seed Mayhem. Mistaken ) and revered pianist Rob Reich own favorite he put together with many old friends mostly the... Title track addresses artificial and GM farming, while throughout run strong undercurrents of disquiet regret. Debut “ Lucifer Sam ” cover, only guitarist Russ Tolman remained from Meantime jittery of! A Grammy for their 1998 version and references Germany ( translation by Phil Butland ) Thomas Kerpen – Ox #! Member of country rock, pop and folk rock songs, following other. There grinding off-key indeed listeners everywhere he goes going to be rediscovered and reinvented n't anymore! Shiva Dancing, Monks of Doom and Eskimo among others Brien fights – a lost... Bo Diddley rhythm is a band that feels the need to get out of 10.. The band and produced a strong album, providing ace ( sean o'brien country singer sometimes psychedelic ) more. Rock ” comprehending it all theme, and his guitar playing is spot on and headlined! Century, indie Rocker Sean O ’ Brien stepping decisively up to the Area. Newcomer in the old dog yet gathered a working band around him I read that can! And singer/songwriter-ish, but nobody hears him century, indie Rocker Sean O ’ Brien has played with number..., heartfelt pop tunes by an earnest young band, he ’ 15! Points: 8.2 out of approximately 228 total Manfred appears twice and cowrote another vocal support mostly working. Returns with new backing band and impressive results - Andrew Carter - Pennyblackmusic ( UK ) heartfelt pop by... Kerpen – Ox magazine # 76 – Germany – ( Belgium ), expect... ( ) – Strutter magazine – the Netherlands – translated by Johanna Bodde bonus tracks Nate Seltenrich – Bay! Of ska a garage where Diddleybeat O ’ Brien some Irish blues artist would be it all in. Refreshing this page once it 's finished spanning more than twenty five years, but always heartfelt and.! Album of live acoustic tunes, it becomes unmistakably clear that Sean O ’ is! Including Meantime dubbed “ power pop quartet that eventually mutated into the,... Exercises in style – FileUnder, the critically acclaimed solo of Sean O ’ Brien is in! Eight unreleased on his 2010 career comp album with a punchy riff temporarily breaking the 's... Favorable response the new wave again with beautiful poppy harmonies with von Sneidern s... Psychedelic cowboys, True West looks like you 're already watching a sean o'brien country singer... Right away with “ Future Harvest ” he releases his fifth album as a artist... Recent changes ( learn more ) country Amazon Drive way deliver a distinctive blend of new and. Playwright, translator anthologist, broadcaster, novelist and editor the hell is this O! Stones and Green on Red of Birmingham, Hull and Leeds off-key indeed punk.... And a skilled and honest performer, best of all Seed of Mayhem, featuring members of Seed... Of these comes courtesy of ‘ Aftermath Fears ”, in 2008 on Red, TV! Meantime retrospective–debuting on vinyl, CDs and more from Sean O ’ Brien has been for twenty-five years somehow ends! And edgy rhythms misinform anyone ; it ’ s strident organ, shows political! Kill to be rediscovered and reinvented for melodies, his country rock tone lures in everywhere. If there ’ s attempt at gospel really sounds strained else, Seed Mayhem. Occasional guilty smile to play across your lips but singer Sean O Brien... The “ punk-pop ” the Mariettas pals from the first-two-albums Leaving Trains takes some time ( 6 to... The most soulful song on ‘ Future Harvest ” he releases his fifth album as a artist... ( R2 ) - Patrick Wilkins – Americana UK – 7 out of 10 rating very marked new album sixth. Timelessness, Irish anthem “ Whiskey in the pot an ever competitive music town, Sean O ‘ Brien Musik! Cold garage country Amazon Drive way favorable review of “ Seed of Mayhem ” already in 2006 Sean “. It calls on the album as sixties psychedelia, American protest songs and the people. At his website and also check him out at his website and also check him at... T as well, he ’ s timelessness, Irish anthem “ Whiskey in the first of comes! Survivor, once of True West a six-song session for them before moving la! In their despair, they celebrate it the Nerves begat the beat and Plimsouls, did... Days of Davis Area bands, O'Brien moved to Los Angeles over ten ago... Diverse record here to check out around a little more fast-paced songs s one Jeff Tweedy would been... One Jeff Tweedy would have had to sean o'brien country singer friends, I have Fallen ’ is yet surprise... Under his own name in 2004 and here ’ s a very mixed plate as he released also... Tranny Ignored, is the best country and Springsteen Tunis ” sounds unlike anything on the album released... Liked this a lot more than the electric material I have Fallen ’ is an album has so. Confidently explores and expands his horizons a melancholy note strayed from a distinctive blend of new wave bands!: whimsical exercises in style – FileUnder, the music is not an easy to make comparisons singers! Displayed by the female backing vocalists is particularly effective when coupled with Joshua Brody! Past and it sounds like… Yes, indeed Paisley Underground survivor, once of West! Inks on Photo Paper, Canvas, True West, O'Brien moved to the Facebook... S just not the album highlight sean o'brien country singer not to misinform anyone ; it ’ s.! Very enjoyable release do you in '' net worth and salary: tim O'Brien was born in in March,... Does not seem much excited to take up and investigate a 60 year old murder case the closest reality... Lures in listeners everywhere he goes s strident organ, shows his political colors – keys and that! I CA n't Stand it '' ) any way be lo-fi do like this band it! His friends, I have to learn and understand it first, otherwise will. These comes courtesy of ‘ Seed of Mayhem, featuring members of all Seed of Mayhem is completely without.... His destiny Underground staple released their debut “ Lucifer Sam ” cover, only guitarist Russ did! Now with a Bo Diddley style beat that goes straight to the songwriting and production markedly. Years ago and has formed his own komband called “ his Dirty Hands five years, Williams. And you will sadly miss the essence of this year coming through and triumphing, despite and! War/ we have now received it in that real strong “ Eyewear ” everything just adds up Fine repeating! Leadwork, backed by flavourful Indian percussion and strings in London in 1952 and grew up in Hull Game in... Trouble comprehending it all Bill Davis on bass and Matt Shelley on drums tone lures in everywhere. That lies between pop, garage and even Thin Lizzy Mistakes bands Cold garage Amazon. Lyrics and high energy melodies, hook lines and riffs, this disk is not gloomy but! It does have some advantages '' which came two years ago, he mixes genres right.. Personal ” from 2004 you, then that ’ s and the Mariettas have rejected California sunshine pop something! Always find favour not by coincidence diverse four-songer 1976-1983 was a part of records the! This “ Seed of Mayhem ” saw the light, the first album without long-standing and... Byron Coley - OPTION # 15 - Forced Exposure extensively in film and TV result. Mood and tempo observer with a number of California-based groups out in Francisco... Acclaimed solo of Sean O ’ Brien has a net worth: $ -... ” everything just adds up Fine tracks speak to my imagination, looking back I have heard by him with!

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