Nonetheless it’s convenient and there is a spa with a Finnish sauna, steam room and sauna. There are three warm pools filled with the brine mineral springs. Bad Kreuznach is an attractive spa town in Germany ideal for a relaxing wellness vacation with hiking trails, mineral springs, and historic buildings. I took a chance on Bad Kreuznach and loved it. It’s nice to know that so many people are fans of this fab German spa town. Spa town in Germany; Spa town in Germany (Crossword clue) Find answer. We have been here several times at first in hotels in BK and now we found a very Nice family hotel in Bad Münster am Stein . It is as wonderfull as You describe it! The single bed was extremely narrow and utilitarian, which is pretty standard for a German spa hotel. The CATEGORIES drop down menu above will point you to locations and travel themes such as hotels, outdoor adventure and tours. s.type = 'text/javascript'; An airy take on a Roman temple, Caracalla is a spacious bathing complex of blue water, clear glass and white pillars. Sympathy? In the heart of the Old Town, the Eiermarkt is a former market square home to half-timbered houses and a sculpture of the butcher Michel Mort, who saved the ruling Count of Sponheim in the Battle of Sprendlingen of 1229. s.async = true; Even though I treated myself to an eight-day spa vacation here, I didn’t do a single treatment. Avoid my mistakes and read my guide on German sauna culture, and while you’re at it, don’t miss these essential rules of sauna safety. After WWII, the U.S. Army was stationed here until 2001. Clearly the Irish-Roman bath idea caught on because Friedrichsbad opened in 1877, just eight years later. If you’re planning a trip here yourself, here are my top picks of things to do in Bad Kreuznach. For all its spa-fuelled peaceful vibe, Bad Kreuznach is a town with a past. An unpretentious guide to luxury travel, culture and adventure, June 16, 2020 by Carol Perehudoff 10 Comments. As we will be driving through the region staying at Saint Goar and close to the Rhine, we would like to know which are the best spa resorts. And within days I’d become an enthusiastic vapour-breathing zombie myself, making daily stops to this free wellness area in the Spa Quarter of Bad Kreuznach. After much squabbling, Mark and I chose to stay in one of the modern rooms. Yes, it’s a co-ed experience, though when I went with my husband we opted for a single sex day because, you know, we’ve never seen each other naked. Mark is still complaining about losing that battle as he loves historic architecture, but I’d heard the old wing wasn’t as quiet. You do need a towel to lie on though. As if having one German spa town to explore wasn’t enough, now that I had a bike I could cycle to another spa town, the even smaller, but longer-named Bad Munster am Stein-Ebernburg, which is 6.3 km (4 miles) from Bad Kreuznach past the Salinental Valley Spa Park. It’s also a land blessed with acres of impossibly beautiful countryside dotted with chocolate-box-pretty villages, thick moody forests, romantic river valleys, vast expanses of vineyards, perfectly preserved half-timbered towns and of course not forgetting the stunning splendor of the Alps. Carol! If you’re content to see the Saline Valley rather than wander around and breathe it in, and don’t want to walk or drive, you can take a little tourist train from outside the Parkhotel Kurhaus which will toodle by it for a minimal fee. You can soak in it, inhale it, and probably do other things I haven’t heard of. They were supposedly responsible for curing Emperor Caracalla 's rheumatism and he celebrated this … A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths. The ride along the riverside path is spectacular. Tolstoy was inspired to set a scene in Anna Karenina in this Black Forest town, while the American novelist, Mark Twain, bathed in the thermal waters of Friedrichsbad – a Roman Irish bathhouse that is still steaming along today. BAD BOLL (3,4) BAD LAER (3,4) KRUMBAD. The lack of restrictive clothing means better circulation for you. GEMÜND. Since then, the village operates almost completely as a health resort. It also leads to something called the Tea Temple (or at least I thought it did but I might have been on the wrong path). For something more ambitious, you can visit the Old Castle, built by the Margraves of Baden in 1102. Relax and go with the flow. Nature, City And lots of fresh air . Read more about Baden-Baden, Germany: This was our Baden-Baden Honeymoon at Brenners Park. If you want a sleepy spot surrounded by forest and bursting with fresh salt-laden air, a place that has warm pools to soak in, comfortable hotels that were probably once grander than they are now, an ancient bridge and pedestrian streets, you might like Bad Kreuznach very much. This watery wonderland of waterfalls, fountains and aquatic air jets has both indoor and outdoor pools, and the garden-like surroundings are serene. A spa and luxury travel expert, she's written for top travel publications around the globe. There are indoor and outdoor thermal pools that range in temperature from 18° C to 38° C. There is also a rock grotto, a steam bath, and a salt water inhalation room. And, just in case you were feeling deprived, it’s right next to another wall of blackthorn branches. It was a bit of a let down, however, because all it was was an empty rundown pavilion. A country of contrasts, Germany is a mix of age-old traditions and forward-thinking ideals. If you want to bathe in style there’s no place more luxe than Baden-Baden, a jaw-dropping beauty that sits at the edge of the Black Forest in Southern Germany. KREUTH. Alexisbad is a small picturesque spa village nestled in the Selke River Valley. What a find for people looking for a quiet place in Germany to enjoy the outdoors and soak in the thermal water. Pages in category "Spa towns in Germany" The following 171 pages are in this category, out of 171 total. This region is so romantic with greenery tumbling down hills, dramatic ridges and an appealing river setting that the famous artist William Turner painted here in 1844. “I’m going to love it here,” I said to myself. Located in the darkly romantic southwest corner of Germany known as the Black Forest, the spa-loving Romans called the town Aquae ("the waters") for its healing springs. It does offer a good view, however, and that’s about all I can say about it. At the Corn Market square you can still buy fresh produce on market days, or check out the fountain featuring some of the town’s most unforgettable inhabitants. Because it’s the ‘largest open-air inhalatorium in Europe.’. There is also an outdoor beer garden there. If you want spa treatments, the Crucenia Health Center is connected to the Crucenia Thermal Baths. It didn’t take long to learn that this mist-spitting device wasn’t a god, but a key wellness feature of this gentle German spa town. These are the most lavish digs in town. The dry air bath was meant to encourage perspiration, considered healing, and avoided the heavier steam of Turkish-style baths that restricted sweating. This post is getting a lot of love today from Facebook, can you tell me the page you’ve seen it on? Check out other hotels below: (function(d, sc, u) { Experience the Spa Town Bad Mergentheim. My room had a sitting area, high ceilings and a view over the Spa Quarter. I didn’t have to. Baden-Baden is a spa town in the state of Baden-Württemberg, south-western Germany, at the north-western border of the Black Forest mountain range on the small river Oos, ten kilometres (six miles) east of the Rhine, the border with France, and forty kilometres (twenty … Located in the Old Town, an area of historic buildings and pedestrian streets, the Alte Nahebruecke (which isn’t easy to spell, I can tell you that) is one of the few existing bridges with houses built right on it. The route takes you directly to the 100-year old Kurmittelhaus, the former spa centre at Bad Munster am Stein-Ebernburg. Tours to Baden-Baden from Strasbourg: You can book a half day walking tour of Baden-Baden from Strasbourg here. Officially classified by the German government – or whoever it is who decides such things – as Heilwasser (medicinal spring water), the water of Bad Kreuznach is said to be good for asthma, skin conditions and rheumatic diseases. It also borders France and shares that country’s … Right across from the Parkhotel Kurhaus is the nice looking, and possibly more modern, though strangely named Sympathie-Hotel Fürstenhof. A meteorite crater on the Romantic Road Past Markt Wallerstein with its baronial palace, the road continues towards Nördlingen. From mid March to mid November, you can tour the Soldiers Bath below Friedrichsbad. Friedrichsbad is a dream of a building, you’ll be soaking and sweating amidst richly-painted tiles and a Beaux Arts dome, but clothing is not an option. There aren’t many direct trains but there are buses. List of spa towns in France; Germany. Read more about German spas or about The Spa and Spa Travel. Run by the same company, Carasana, they offer completely different styles of baths and are both well worth a visit. Category page. Still, you can stroll outside in the graceful arcade which is lined with pillars and murals of the Baden-Baden region. The Bad Kreuznach sauna house has sauna rooms of every shape, size and temperature imaginable. And don’t expect to get dressed again for awhile – the compete bathing process takes more than three hours, and includes views of the opposite sex you might not want to see. (I should know. Munich is a beautiful city of Germany. A pleasant off-the-beaten path town, it’s located in the central west part of Germany in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Brauwerk Restaurant sits midway between the Saline Valley Park and the Spa Quarter. Happy wife, happy life! I prefer the more foresty west side, which is flanked by the river on one side and Kauzenberg Hill on the other. A top contender for Bad Kreuznach hotels (in my opinion) is the cozy-looking Hotel Der Quellenhof. Skip a thousand years or two and you’ll find the Russian writer, Dostoevsky, going broke in Baden-Baden’s ornate casino. Or is it based on the French word sympathique, which means agreeable? My go-to stroll was along the riverside walk. The most deluxe spa in Baden-Baden is part of Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, a historic 5-star hotel located right on the Lichtentaler Allee. From the Spa Quarter, where most of the hotels are located, it’s easy peasy to wander the well-maintained paths that run south along both sides of the River Nahe. Is it some ancient healing ritual we’ve been missing all our lives? As Michael Borgwardt says they are towns which have natural spring water (s) that are recommended in the treatment of various health conditions. Another thing to see here is St. Nicholas Church. It has a riverside location, a sleek modern atmosphere and excellent schnitzel and beer. BANSIN. Attracting a diverse mix of retired millionaires, European aristocrats, water devotees, spa lovers and day-tripping tourists, its enduring appeal lies in its charming location along the River Oos, the fresh Black Forest air, gracious hotels, world-class casino and, of course, the magical springs. I like to add the information, that we are no longer two Spa-Cities, but one city with two spas ;-) I hope this report will lead some more travellers to our nice town; for keeping all these nice places is very expensive … and politicians always looks where they can save money. Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. and then continue on to track down the very spot where William Turner painted the ruins of the Ebernburg Castle. There’s a hot tub, a couple of modest-sized freshwater pools, an ice grotto, a restaurant, relaxation areas and a small brine pool. Sympathy for what? A word about the Radisson Blu: The hotel has both an old world wing and a modern wing. Heidelberg to Baden-Baden: Heidelberg is 90 km north of Baden-Baden. The Celts were here, then the Romans, and in the Thirty Years War, Bad Kreuznach was taken over by the Swedes. How it worked was that salty brine water ran down the blackthorn frames so that the water would evaporate, leaving a high concentration of salt behind. (Kidding!). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now that I knew you could soak in the brine water, inhale and sip it, my spa-cure happiness was complete. Find best thermal and spa resorts in Germany online, from budget to luxury. Your destination is Leopoldsplatz. Go right round the town on foot on the only completely intact city wall in Germany. A former freelance travel columnist for the Toronto Star, Carol has won more than 20 writing and blogging awards and honours. It’s also fun, like a sauna amusement park where everyone is very very quiet. Also, soaking in a warm pool of brine water is akin to bathing in hot springs, and is just plain fun. Here you’ll find three museums: the Schlosspark Museum, set in a restored aristocratic manor; the Roemerhalle, highlighting Bad Kreuznach’s Roman past; and the PUK Museum, which sounds disgusting but is dedicated to all things puppetry. Sign in to disable ALL ads. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); I’ve been kicked out for wearing a bathing suit, and learned my lesson fast.). var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; : Pages in category "Spa towns in Germany" The following 14 pages are in this category, out of 14 total. The thing is, you can’t go to a bonafide sauna in Germany without accepting that you are going to have to strip down to complete nakedness, so I chose to go on Ladies Day, which is every Monday. Up until recently you could follow in their footsteps, but the fountains are now closed. Either way, if you’re walking along the riverbank and looking for things to see around Bad Kreuznach, your destination – though it’s quite a hike (about 2.5 km from the Parkhotel Kurhaus each way – should be the Salinental Valley. I stayed at the Hotel Zum Hirsch on my first trip to Baden-Baden. It’s great to hear that Bad Kreuznach is as good a place to live in as it is to visit, Rich. There are chairs where you can sit, either by the nebulizer or by the blackthorn branch walls. My advice? })(document, 'script', '//'); While enjoying the wellness opportunities in Baden-Baden, it’s also nice to look its past as one of the most elegant spa towns in Europe. My first glimpse of Baden-Baden was eye-opening – I had no idea places like this even existed. Since my stay, they’ve renovated, and I think it lost some of its old-world charm. There are also jets along the sides of the pool so you can massage your back while contemplating how so many things come together in Bad Kreuznach to create the perfect spa holiday that no one has ever heard of, (even if you skip aqua aerobics and don’t do a single spa treatment). Bad Kreuznach is about an hour west of Frankfurt and easily reached by car or train. Getting outside in Bad Kreuznach is the best part of a vacation here. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Spa towns in Germany. These bubbling hot springs have made it a fashionable resort for pampering escapes since the 19th Century, and still provide locals with nearly a … Sitting there in the evening with the stars overhead, mist drifting off the water and the shadowy river below is beyond atmospheric. Wiesbaden is an elegant spa town in Hesse in the west of Germany, popular for its magical springs since Roman times.Seated beside the Rhine, Wiesbaden is nestled … Day tours to Baden-Baden from Frankfurt:  You can sign up for a full day tour of Strasbourg and Baden-Baden here. Born, raised and still livin’ in BK I say “thank you” – a very nice report about the view of a visitor. The Baden-Baden spa tradition goes back to the Romans, who made use of the hot springs, and called the settlement Aquae Aureliae. It was, in fact, a nebulizer, a fountain-ish looking thing that sprays brine-infused micro droplets into the air. Since I was getting blisters from walking so much, I finally rented a bicycle from the Tourist Information Centre near the Parkhotel Kurhaus. Elements Mineral Diffusing Blend by Ohm, Only Healing Minerals. Inside there’s a restaurant, historical memorabilia, and – this was the most wonderful thing of all – fountains where you can taste the salty water from the Rheingrafenquelle, also known as the Rheingrafen Spring. You can have a sound and light experience in the intriguingly-named Spectaculum, be bombarded by wafting scents in the  the Aroma Sauna, chill out in the avant-garde Blue Space Sensesraum, relax in the Green Space Room or go rustic in the Forest Sauna and the Fire Sauna. The more visitors, the more arguments we have on our side to protect them. Mark and I stayed here for the first two nights of our honeymoon, and it was an ideal way to jumpstart a marriage. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It’s much appreciated. If you have been to Bad Kreuznach and miss the minerals! Baden-Baden has attracted aristocrats and royals for centuries, and it’s still a hangout for celebrities and the upper crust – especially the wealthy and retired – as well as wellness addicts of all stripes and types who head to the baths to lose their aches, pains and stress. In Bad Kreuznach the water is a sodium chloride solution rich in flouride, and rises up from a 500-metre deep natural spring. Spa towns in Germany. Frankfurt to Baden-Baden: It’s an 80-minute train ride from Frankfurt, and there are trains from the airport. This southwestern state has a wealth of hot mineral springs, making it Germany’s leading destination for spa holidays. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. I’ve already mentioned the mist-spewing nebulizer and it’s modest brine walls in the Spa Quarter. You don’t actually go to the Egg Market to buy eggs, at least not any more. Who worked at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel? RyanAir offers dirt cheap flights to Karlsruhe from London, and buses from the airport go to Baden-Baden. Today the bathing experience is a 17-step wellness ritual of dry air bathing, steaming, soaking and being pummelled and scrubbed with a brush – all while being very very naked. A passageway connects the indoor and outdoor pools, and you can even go to the outdoor pool in winter. Above all, a spa vacation in Bad Kreuznach is an excellent way to relax. BK is an amazing place. There is also a small but nice sauna downstairs in the hotel, though it’s tucked out of the way and took me awhile to find it. More breathing! Several centuries back, people used to arrive in Alexisbad to be treated by its healing mountain spring water. Instead you’ll find a tourist information desk, which is handy but seems like a bit of an anticlimax to the town’s lengthy spa history. It is no coincidence that this small town is round: it was built in an old meteorite crater. For more information on Baden-Baden see the official Baden-Baden Tourism website or visit the German Tourism site. But its elite complacency isn’t for everyone. A town so beautiful, they named it twice that ’ s why: for authentic... Considered healing, and you can book a half day walking tour of Strasbourg and Baden-Baden.! Articles and get tips to make your next journey inspiring lived there for 3 years centre at Bad am. The menu bar to go to the audio pronunciation of spa towns by country towns... ” we have on our honeymoon, and in the Thirty years War, Bad Kreuznach years later,! More of a vacation here, the big stretch of blackthorn-bush saline walls covers more than a kilometre.... A word about the Radisson Blu Badischer Hof is the Villa Stephanie an... Had no idea places like this even existed husband, Mark and I at..., steam room and sauna the heavier steam of Turkish-style baths that restricted.... Find best thermal and spa travel oldest place of worship in town I found it at the “... Very very quiet, both based on the healing “ fog ” have... Green-Clad hills every shape, size and temperature imaginable one way and back other. Bad Kreuznach is as good a place to live in as it is no coincidence this. Top picks of things to do in Bad Kreuznach is a sodium chloride rich! Baths and offers free entrance to the Crucenia baths and offers free entrance to the Crucenia baths overlook the and. Splendour, while Caracalla has an upscale thermal waterpark sort of feel Frankfurt to Baden-Baden: it s! Without clothes squabbling, Mark, to spend a week here on our to! The atmosphere at Friedrichsbad is anything but wild in their footsteps, but the idea is the Villa Stephanie an... 2,000 years as a hot springs, making it Germany ’ s okay. Goes back to the outdoor pool in winter more modern, though it can contain other minerals.! Get there again on one side and Kauzenberg Hill on the ‘ DESTINATIONS to travel ’. Capital city of the Ebernburg Castle with hot springs destination pretty standard a... When a 61-metre high Baroque Tower was added by Ohm, only healing minerals real what is a spa town in germany it... An authentic Roman-Irish bath experience is completely without clothes, just eight years later perspiration... The garden-like surroundings are serene and other thrilling wellness options such as gymnastics! The healing “ fog ” we have on our side to protect them the CATEGORIES drop down above! Second section of the most renowned Baden-Baden spa tradition goes back to 1332 and was reconstructed 1781! Concerning water wheels, pumps and graduated towers, but the fountains are now closed waterpark of... Round the town rose to fame as a ‘ couture ’ spa experience Castle built! William Turner painted the ruins of the area in fact, a sleek modern atmosphere and schnitzel! '' the following 171 pages are in this category, out of 171.. There aren ’ t heard of Baden-Baden spa ) Bad LAER ( 3,4 ) Bad LAER 3,4., steam room and plenty of privileged grandeur in the lounges and lobby Stein-Ebernburg you can grab a bite! The Schlosspark, fountains and aquatic air jets has both an Old world wing and a over... The outdoors and soak in the Thirty years War, Bad Kreuznach and Bad Munster Stein-Ebernburg. A past use of the hot springs destination outdoor pools, and in the historical centre Alte Nahebruecke is! Of half timbered and Jugendstil styles, which is to visit, rich right across from the outside, fountain-ish. Another thing to see here is St. Nicholas church thing that sprays brine-infused micro droplets into the air making Germany. Healing, and everyone from Queen Victoria and Napoleon III to Mark Twain has walked it Nicholas.... Are both well worth a visit in Alexisbad to be one spa city Jens! Years ago on a biking day trip from Mainz down the very spot where William Turner painted the of. Means agreeable 20 writing and blogging awards and honours me that I knew you could soak in the spa luxury... Nonetheless it ’ s convenient and there are chairs where you can sign up for a full Heidelberg... It offers massages, salt-mud packs what is a spa town in germany other thrilling wellness options such as respiratory gymnastics proximity to Egg! This fab German spa hotel extremely narrow and utilitarian, which is to say it like... I came to a startling sight track down the very spot where William Turner painted the of... Everyone from Queen Victoria and Napoleon III to Mark Twain wrote an thermal... Attached to Brenners Park is the capital city of the Baden-Baden region ’ re planning a trip here yourself here. North of Baden-Baden from Frankfurt is the cozy-looking hotel Der Quellenhof the highlight of the springs. Above all, a nebulizer, a temple to tea Heidelberg is 90 km North of Baden-Baden was –! To live in as it is the circular outdoor pool in winter the Swedes the.! Second route which goes through the red volcanic rock above, leaving sheer rock faces cascading down from green-clad.! Spa holidays, it ’ s top spa town in Germany ” white gold ’ was a commodity... Old town is a spa is the nice looking, and is just plain fun on... A combination of half timbered and Jugendstil styles, which is flanked by the same,. Is as good a place to live in as it is no coincidence that this small town is with. Honnef is a spacious bathing complex of blue water, inhale it, inhale and it... It here, if you should choose to accept it, my spa-cure happiness was complete involved, water. About 40 km away to protect them mist drifting off the water is akin bathing... Proximity to the Egg Market to buy eggs, at least not any more the other Talk! Follow in their footsteps, but the idea is the Karlsruhe airport, about 40 away... A combination of half timbered and Jugendstil styles, which is pretty standard for more... For people looking for a full day tour of Strasbourg and Baden-Baden tour – check prices availability! Of worship in town pale yellow building with plenty of leafy plants wrought! # 205 go to the 100-year Old Kurmittelhaus, the Road continues towards Nördlingen its... Tourist train has a time-honored history of about 2,000 years as a resort. From the Old town is bursting with hot springs, lined with swanky shops and historic hotels are... Practically hanging out over the riverbank to Bad Kreuznach, Germany, springs of Germany s! It was an empty rundown pavilion micro droplets into the air as the.. Strasbourg: you can visit the German spa town, it has a bath Blend elements both! West part of Germany s located in the landscaped grounds state has a time-honored history of about years... Enjoyed there footsteps, but the idea is the best part of Germany the. Castle, built by the Swedes to lie on though first glimpse Baden-Baden. Yellow building with plenty of privileged grandeur in the spa and spa travel the ruins the... Turner painted the ruins of the hot springs, and there is a combination of half timbered Jugendstil... Of age-old traditions and forward-thinking ideals Castle, built by the day at... Though strangely named Sympathie-Hotel Fürstenhof doesn ’ t love the one dinner had!